Strayt Clear Aligners Review


Clear Aligners

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Invisible Braces Editor


  • Free digital scan by professional technicians
  • Also offers at-home impression kit to customers who dont wish to go out for scans.
  • Smile preview that provides you an insight about yout treatment procedure and your final look.
  • Offers both, Day-time and Night-time  aligners
  • Treatment costs start from $1596 (upfront payment).
  • Offers 12 and 24 month payment schemes.


  • Comparatively new company
  • Treats only minor to moderate teeth alignment conditions
  • Dont have many customer reviews

What Do People Say About Strayt?

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Strayt is the best choice without doubt! If you are looking for services that help straighten your teeth, Strayt is the option for you. Every aspect about them is just awesome. They offer safe at-home scans and consultation that really helped me understand my dental condition. This one-on-one consultation was definitely one of the best experiences for me. I could easily ask all my doubts and understand their treatment plan before signing-up with them.

Soon after the consultation, the aligners arrived and they were a perfect fit. The treatment period worked was much smoother than I had anticipated. Also, the results were just as promised.

Audrey Craig – Strayt
Augusta, Georgia
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Contacting Strayt teeth aligners was super easy and quick! All I had to do was just answer a few questions and I was contacted by their representative almost immediately. They arranged an at-home appointment/ consultation completely at my convenience that proved really helpful. They answered all my queries and soon their scan technician arrived to take a scan of my teeth. The scanning procedure was truly efficient and professional. Can’t wait for procedure to end and see my aligned and shifted teeth.  Well until now, my experience has been great.

Drew Popovitch – Strayt
Sacramento, California