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  • Free digital scan by professional technicians
  • Also offers at-home impression kit to customers who don’t wish to go out for scans.
  • Smile preview that provides you an insight about yout treatment procedure and your final look.
  • Offers both, Day-time and Night-time  aligners
  • Treatment costs start from $1400 (upfront payment).
  • Offers 12 and 24 month payment schemes.


  • Comparatively new company
  • Treats only minor to moderate teeth alignment conditions
  • Dont have many customer reviews

Before the advent of clear aligners, getting perfectly aligned and straight teeth meant having to wear noticeable metal braces and going through the hassle of physical orthodontist checkups and consultations. However, Strayt makes it possible for you to achieve straight teeth without having to go through the stress that comes with traditional treatment. You don’t have to worry about all the fuss as well as the high cost of traditional treatments with Strayt’s clear aligner treatments.

Clear aligners have been categorized as the best alternative to traditional metal braces. Clear aligners have a versatile system that helps to achieve greater results at a faster time. There are two options available, the daytime and the nighttime option. When you choose the daytime option, treatment time is significantly faster. The nighttime option for aligners is perfect for customers who would like to do the treatment while they sleep.

For both the daytime and the nighttime option, you can expect to have the teeth straightening process to be completed in just 6 up to 12 months on average.

On top of all this, Strayt allows you to save up to $5,000 with their program compared to traditional in-office orthodontic care. You also have the option to sign up for a payment plan so you can spread the cost across and make the financial load easier and affordable.


No pre-approvals or credit checks

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How Does it Work?

Strayt’s teeth alignment treatment process begins with their 100% free digital scan. For those who will have a hard time with the digital scan, an impression kit option is available. If you prefer to use an impression kit, that will be an additional $24 charge for the materials and testing process. The $24 cost is paid up front.

However, before choosing any of these options, Strayt offers a free assessment available through their website. This will help you determine better if the treatment is the right option for you. But if you have already made up your mind and you wish to pursue clear aligner treatment, you just need to select between the digital scan or the in-home impression to begin your teeth alignment journey.

Digital Scan

The entire digital scan process is 100% free of charge. There are two options you can choose from to get it done. The first is through scheduling a mobile scan consultation in a location that is convenient to you. They will have all the necessary equipment in their vehicle.Alll you need to do is to hop in and have your teeth scanned within 15 minutes.

The second option is perfect for those who would prefer to go to an office. Just let them know, and they can schedule a slot in one of the many partner locations available to have your scan performed.

For both options, the scanning uses radiation-free processes. A digital replica of your teeth will be created. This would include root structures plus an in-depth insight into the status of your gums.

Before going to your mobile scan, you will need to pay a fee of $50 upfront for the treatment. This will also help confirm that you are a serious client and that you will commit to the process. Additionally, as a way to protect their scan specialists, Strayt needs to make sure that you are a serious prospective client.

Impression Kit

For those who would prefer not to leave the comfort of their home, an at-home impression kit is available as an option. The impression kit includes simple instructions which allow anyone to do it. All you have to do is order the impression kit online. After which Strayt will be sending you all the materials and instructions that you will be needing to get the scan done.

Once completed, you will need to send back the impressions and wait a bit for their assessment results. This option can take a little bit longer because the process is done remotely. However, you are guaranteed the peace of mind of not having to deal with appointments and having to leave your home.

Informative Smile Preview

When your digital scans or impressions are ready, your dedicated personal orthodontist will upload the information and data into Strayt’s system. Their advanced system will then create your informative smile preview. This will show you the current makeup of your teeth from all angles.

The informative smile preview also allows you to click through each aligner so you can know how each tooth will gradually move into the correct position. By the eighth slide, which is the last step in the treatment process, you’ll see what your brand new smile will look like.

When it is determined after comprehensive assessments that you are not a good candidate for the Strayt clear aligner treatment, the company will inform you. This comes with a complete refund of your initial payment. The best candidates for the clear aligner treatment are those with minor to moderate cases of misalignment.

What are the Treatment Plans?

There are two treatment plans available to people deemed as good candidates for the clear aligner treatment. One is the daytime plan and the other is the nighttime plan.

Strayt’s daytime kit includes a total of 16 clear aligners that you need to wear for only six months. The prescribed wear time of the aligners is 22 hours per day. You’ll need to take out your aligners when you are eating and drinking as well as when you are brushing your teeth.

For those who prefer to leave the aligners behind for the day, a nighttime treatment plan is available. The plan allows you to just wear your aligners for 10 hours each day compared to the almost whole day of wear time that is needed for the Daytime plan. With the nighttime plan, you just need to wear your aligners right after dinner for about 10 hours. However, since you will be wearing the aligner for lesser hours each day, the treatment process will take around a year to be completed.

Throughout the entire treatment process, you won’t have to go through any physical checkups or office visits. However, you will still need to go through regular dental cleaning and checkups every six months to make sure your teeth are healthy. If you follow the plan as prescribed, you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary delays in the treatment process. You can expect great results regarding your teeth alignments every couple of weeks as you begin to move on to the next aligner included in the plan.

When you are done with the entire treatment process, you will need to wear a retainer to make sure that your teeth stay perfectly aligned.

How much does it cost?

For both the daytime and the nighttime treatment plan options, you will be paying a total of $1,400 for the clear aligner system. This package includes your digital scan, the orthodontic treatment plan, your custom full set of aligners, your retainers, as well as an added 3-in-1 teeth whitening system.

For those who would rather break up the cost into installations instead of an upfront payment, you can do so with either a 12-month or 24-month payment scheme. For their monthly payment plan, customers will need to pay a down payment of $199 up to $248.

Where can I get assistance?

If you find yourself encountering problems or any difficulties at any step of the treatment journey, Strayt has a support team that can assist you. Their support team can be reached any time of the day for much-needed assistance. You can reach them through phone, Facebook messaging, or email. Since they have a dedicated team for giving support and assistance, you can be sure that a trained representative will get to your concern at the soonest available time.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers that are unsatisfied with their system.

How do I get started?

To begin your clear aligner treatment journey, you’ll need to go through their online assessment and schedule a digital scan or impression. This will help both you and the company to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. After the assessment, you will be asked to select your treatment plan and payment option of choice. Once this is completed, Strayt will immediately send you your clear aligners. When you receive your set, you can begin the journey towards achieving your perfect smile.


No pre-approvals or credit checks

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What Do People Say About Strayt?

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Strayt is the best choice without doubt! If you are looking for services that help straighten your teeth, Strayt is the option for you. Every aspect about them is just awesome. They offer safe at-home scans and consultation that really helped me understand my dental condition. This one-on-one consultation was definitely one of the best experiences for me. I could easily ask all my doubts and understand their treatment plan before signing-up with them.

Soon after the consultation, the aligners arrived and they were a perfect fit. The treatment period worked was much smoother than I had anticipated. Also, the results were just as promised.

Audrey Craig – Strayt
Augusta, Georgia
author image

Contacting Strayt teeth aligners was super easy and quick! All I had to do was just answer a few questions and I was contacted by their representative almost immediately. They arranged an at-home appointment/ consultation completely at my convenience that proved really helpful. They answered all my queries and soon their scan technician arrived to take a scan of my teeth. The scanning procedure was truly efficient and professional. Can’t wait for procedure to end and see my aligned and shifted teeth.  Well until now, my experience has been great.

Drew Popovitch – Strayt
Sacramento, California

Strayt Vs Other Market Competitors

Although a new company compared to the other brands, Strayt has quickly created a market of its own. With their professional services and high quality aligners, Strayt has managed to win the hearts of all their customers in a very short time. Here is a small comparison to help you understand how Strayt performs in comparison to the other brands.

Strayt Vs Byte

Byte is one of the most famous teeth aligner brand in the market due to their excellent services, professionalism and high quality aligners. They have been in the industry since their establishment in 2017, while Strayt is a rather new company and was established in 2019 and is still making its way up-in the ladder.

Both companies although work towards the same goal, Byte and Strayt gave their own set of differences. For instance, Byte offers direct mail-to-home impression kits to their customers unlike Strayt who send a professional technician who is trained perfectly to take accurate impressions of their teeth.

Cost-wise, Byte offers you their treatment plan at a cost of $1990 (full payment at one time) or $2519 (if you choose a payment plan). This makes them one of the high priced brands in the market. On the contrary, Strayt offers you’re their services at just $1848 (also including on-site professional teeth scan consultation). Also, Strayt offers you digital teeth scanning at the start of the procedure at the lowest cost.

Strayt Vs SnapCorrect

A comparatively older brand, SnapCorrect has been in the industry since 2017. The company offers at-home self-impression kits that are delivered via mail to their customers unlike Strayt that sends professional technicians to their customers for taking impressions of their teeth.

Also, SnapCorrect doesn’t use 3D printed models for making the aligners, instead they use only physical molds for making the aligners. There is no details known about whether SnapCorrect works hand-in-hand with orthodontists or not. However, Strayt on the other hand works exclusively with orthodontists to ensure best quality treatment to their customers.

Bottom Line

Strayt is dedicated to helping people achieve straighter teeth. Their clear aligners make this possible without the hassle that comes with traditional metal braces. Furthermore, you’ll be able to achieve your perfect smile at a faster time and smaller cost. What you get out of Strayt is the confidence of having a perfect smile with the convenience of achieving this in the comfort of your own home.

For those who are too busy for traditional orthodontic care or who may not have the money for it, Strayt makes perfectly aligned teeth accessible. They guarantee convenience and real results while maintaining affordability, making Strayt an option worth exploring if not pursuing.