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  • Quick and Effective
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Both, day and at-night treatment plans
  • Approved financing


  • No Scanning services
  • A comparatively new company

What is Byte?

Byte is a web based, clear aligner company that offers you teeth aligning services right to your doorstep. The aligners look exactly like the Invisalign braces, only differing in their make, design and material. These invisible aligners are made out of clear and smooth plastic and shaped precisely to fit your dental contours. The only difference being, you never need to visit your dentist while undergoing its teeth aligning procedure. Rather, your entire teeth aligning plan will be created and monitored closely by the expert team of Byte’s licensed orthodontists and dentists.

Once you have your aligners, it becomes your duty to wear your aligners for the prescribed number of hours. Based on the plan, you can wear these aligners for the entire day or just for 10 hours a day depending on your treatment plan.

Although the market is filled with such clear aligners, Byte has earned great success for its special features. The company is famous for offering the best and most recent dental technology, great customer experience and most importantly, the quickest treatment time. What really makes Byte aloof from the remaining brands is its huge customer following and their upgraded technological approach. The high-frequency vibration treatment method is extremely effective and less painful compared to the other brands. Also, their lifetime guarantee offer is yet another attraction that attracts customers to their business.

Getting started with Byte

Starting with Byte’s teeth straightening treatment is as simple as it can be. The procedure begins with the proper analysis of your smile by a team of experienced dentists. Once the analysis is done, you can then after order Byte’s impression kit that will make perfect 3D molds of your entire upper/ lower teeth.

Now that you have the impressions of your teeth, you need to send them to the dentists at Byte who will look at your dental impressions and decide whether you are an eligible candidate for the alignment treatment or not. If you are considered eligible, then Byte will create a customised treatment plan for you and send you an initial digital preview of your smile after the treatment. If you are satisfied with the outcome, only then you can go ahead and order your custom aligners. Also, you can always make special requests to the treatment plan if you wish.


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Pros and Cons – Byte

There are several reasons why Byte fast became one of the best teeth aligners in the industry. Here are some of the advantages of using byte.


  • Quick and Effective: Byte aligners are faster than most other available aligners. Their high frequency vibration treatment method helps you get your result in just 3 months’ time, which is comparatively much quicker than others.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Byte offers excellent customer services, making sure that their customers are never disheartened. In fact their services excel all other companies greatly. Byte offers one personal advisor to each of their customers to make sure all their doubts and concerns are answered.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Byte is the only aligner company that offers you a lifetime guarantee on their services. So, if your teeth shift back after the treatment, Byte will offer you aligners for free to help re-align your teeth.
  • Day and at-night treatment methods: Byte also offers you a special At-Night only aligners for people who cannot wear the aligners during the day time. These aligners are made from thicker and strong plastic that is grind resistant. However, you have to wear them continuously for at least 10 hours a day.
  • Approved financing: Byte approves almost everyone’s financing for their treatment plans. So, if you want to start with their treatment, then you can definitely go ahead with it and still maintain your credit score.


  • No Scanning services: Byte offers you almost every service you can think of for aligning your teeth. However, they don’t offer a teeth scanning service. Hence, in order to get started, you will need to order an impression kit.
  • A comparatively new company: Byte started offering aligners only since 2018, and has accumulated a great amount of positive reviews from their customers in this short time period.


There are innumerable reasons why Byte is undoubtedly considered the favourite invisible teeth aligner amongst all the other brands in the market. Some of these reasons are mentioned here below:

  • Effectiveness

Dental treatments, particularly orthodontic treatment plans are expensive and considered as a long term investment. One can invest on it, only if they are 100% sure about the results. Byte, offers you such guarantee with its plans and treatment methods. In fact, Byte is particularly designed to treat basic misalignments such as crowding or spacing between teeth. However, for severe misalignments in may not give you the desired results. This is the very reason why Byte’s impression kit is considered extremely important for analysing your dental condition. Moreover, there are more than 200 dentists and orthodontists working hand-in-hand with Byte to help customers with their various dental treatment plans.

This efficient team easily corrects mostly all simple to moderate misalignments. And in order to make sure that your misalignment can be treated and gets approval from the dentists, the company offers you a proper 3D preview of your post treatment smile. If you like the change, only then the company will create and send your customised aligners to you.

Also, what makes Byte better than their competitors is their belief in advanced technologies and science. They have come up with 2 of the most effective dental technologies namely, HyperByte and Smile Science. These technologies work on your entire facial features and not just on your smile. Their working method is very unique and precise, which further ensures customer satisfaction with the end result. Both these techniques are successful and backed by several scientific results. All you need to do is use the HyperByte tool for 5 minutes a day at high frequency to help your teeth shift faster and without any pain.

  • Convenience

Everyone has the right to have a beautiful smile. But, visiting a dentist and following the treatment regularly without missing work is a difficult task. Convenience and comfort are two most important features that people consider a lot in this generation apart from the cost.

Orthodontic treatments are not fast and very time-consuming. But with home aligner brands like Byte, teeth aligning treatments have become extremely convenient for all. In fact, you can achieve the desired results within 6 months without having to visit a dentist or orthodontist even once. Most typical braces take almost 12 to 18 months to give you the desired results, while Byte offers you the same results in just 2 to 4 months’ time.

In order to get started with the treatment, you simply require to take their impression kit and make a perfect mold of your teeth. The process is very simple and easy. You can take the help of the Byte customer service if needed. Based on this mold, the orthodontists and dentists decide whether you are eligible for the treatment plans or not. Post analysis, they will further send you a 3D preview of your post treatment result, or how you will look after the treatment. If the preview is satisfactory, you can then prescribe the desired plan.

  • Costing

The Invisalign braces have always been a costly treatment procedure for years. Moreover, because it is a cosmetic procedure, it is not commonly covered by most health insurance companies. And if they are covered, they reimburse only a small part of the expense, thus making you pay the maximum amount from your pocket.

But, in the case of Byte, the treatment plans are not very expensive. They cost you somewhere between the range of $1500 and $2000 while the invisalign braces treatments costed between around $3000 and $8000. The All-Day aligners cost $1895 while the At-Night aligners cost $2,295 and also include post treatment retainers, free whitening solutions and the very effective HyperByte tool. However, you will need to buy the impression kit separately ($95).

What makes Byte the favourite of all other aligners, is the fact that it is one of the 3 companies that has 100% finance approvals. They also offer a financing plan called Bytepay™ for which you need to just pay a down-payment amount of $349 followed by a monthly amount of $83 for 29 long months. The numbers change for the At-Night aligner plan.

The Smile Protection Program is also one of the most impressive features offered by Byte. The program is automatically added to your total treatment cost. It is also a very well planned feature by Byte that guarantees your perfect smile for a long period of time. According to this plan, you will receive new retainers for 5 long years if you use the bytepay™. However, if you follow the conventional method, you may end up paying $129 for every 6 months to get your retainers for 5 years. But under the Smile Protection Program, you will automatically get the retainers for 5 years and save many hundred dollars.

Overall, Byte is a comparatively very affordable teeth aligning brand that gives guarantees to their customers for their treatment plans, something not all competitors offer.

  • Appearance

How you look and how you smile is a very important feature in one’s personality. As adults, we all wish to look perfect at all times. And this is where these clear aligners get more preference than the typical invisaligners. They are discreet and effective. Also, they are made from hard, BPA-free transparent plastic and are different from the aligners made by other companies.  The aligners by Byte are shiny while that made by Candid or Invisalign and Smile are frosted. This only gives your smile a little gleam but nothing that you will not approve.

The Byte aligners are effective due to their straight on the top cut as a result of which they cover your gums, making the treatment more effective than all other companies. Also, due to the straight cut, these aligners provide a better grip to your teeth and almost 4 times the force than the clear aligners offered by Invisalign.

Also, unlike most other aligners where you may need to remove your aligners before drinking or eating to avoid staining, the Byte aligners are stain resistant. However, we suggest that you remove them while sipping your favourite red wine or coffee.

  • Customer Services

We all grow just one set of teeth after our milk teeth. Hence, it is extremely important that we care our teeth dearly. Dental treatments are undoubtedly expensive and henceforth it is important that you receive the best result with these treatment services. In order to ensure that these treatment plans give you the desired results, Byte offers you excellent customer service not only before the treatment, but also during and post treatment on all channels. You can connect with them on phone during the weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm pacific time. You may also connect with them on email or social media and get a response from them as quickly as in the next 24 hours.

Also, you will be assigned with a personal byte advisor who will guide you through the entire process and answer all your questions. In short, you will have a personal guide to help you through the alignment journey.

  • Byte-For-Life Guarantee

One of the most attracting features offered by Byte is its Byte-For-Life guarantee, according to which customers are guaranteed a perfect smile forever after the completion of the treatment. However, if you feel your smile shift in the future, the company will provide you with new aligners to help you regain your smile, absolutely FREE of charge. The Smile Protection Program further makes sure that your smile is intact even years after the treatment. The program gets automatically added when you choose Bytepay for financing your treatment. According to this program, you will receive retainers every 6 months for 5 long years. Also, if you misplace or break your retainers, the company will replace them for free. This is a great feature, especially considering the fact that you might otherwise be charged $129 per aligner for retainers in the normal circumstances. So, in simple words, Byte surely helps you save a good part of your savings with its guarantees.


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What Do People Say About Byte?

author image

I had been stalling braces for quite a long time, mostly due to my professional lifestyle and lack of time to rush to an orthodontist! But with Byte’s invisible braces, I can finally re-align my teeth without affecting my looks or my work. I am in my 2nd week of the re-aligning process and I can feel the little changes.

Byte’s impression kit was really easy and quick to use. And I definitely could see my teeth whiter from earlier. What also made me absolutely love Byte was their customer service centre that was really quick to solve our concerns. Overall, now that all my issues are sorted, I am eagerly waiting to see the final result of these invisible braces.

Blake Marcov – Byte
Dallas, Texas
author image

Great and actually effective!

I am currently in my 7th week of wearing the Byte invisible braces and I can see the drastic changes already! Can’t wait for my treatment plan to get over and see the final result. Although it was a little confusing in the starting but their quick and professional customer service team answered all my queries and helped me get back to the treatment method quickly. In fact, they kept in touch with me and ensured that the treatment was right on track. It’s absolutely worth the money! A big Thank You for such a manageable, easy-to-follow teeth aligning @home treatment.

Laura Trevor – Byte
Scottsdale, AZ

Byte and Other Home Aligners

The market is full of similar teeth aligner companies, all differing just a little bit from one another due to their costs, services and quality. But Byte has clearly emerged as a winner amongst customers due to their success rate, the customer services and their efficacy. However, it is important that we compare Byte with its market rivals and see why, where and how they differ from each other.

Byte and Invisalign

If there is any other brand that comes even closer to the services and success offered by the Byte then it is Invisalign. Both the companies offer clear invisible aligners that are customised for their users to ensure a perfect smile after the treatment. But, what makes Byte superior and much more favoured by the users against Invisalign’s years of experience is its convenience to use and costing. Here is a small detailed comparison between both the companies for your better judgement.

  • Cost: There is no doubt that Byte is a more affordable brand than Invisalign, particularly because you never need to visit your dentist personally during your treatment. A major part of Invisalign’s cost goes to these office visits which Byte has reduced very smartly. For instance, Byte costs just between $1895 and $2295 (based on the treatment plan you choose) while, Invisalign charges around $3000 and $8000 as per the treatment plan you choose (both costs not including the insurance amount).
  • Convenience: Byte is the perfect teeth alignment solution for people who do not have time to book an appointment or visit their orthodontists regularly due to their busy professional and personal lifestyle. And this is one of the main reasons why Byte is considered as the most ideal solution for the new generation. Also, byte has an average treatment period of 3 months compared to 12 months offered by Invisalign. This further lures users to choose Byte above all its competitors.
  • Effectiveness: Although they both follow different treatment procedures, Byte is as effective as Invisalign. Thanks to Byte’s modern technological tools which ensure that all simple and moderate teeth alignment problems are solved in the shortest time period. However, if you happen to suffer from a severe misalignment, it is best suggested that you choose a company that allows you to regularly check with your dentist, as offered by Invisalign. These plans offered by Invisalign may include bands, buttons or other attachments.
  • Treatment methods: Both Byte and Invisalign offer great support and treatment to their users when undergoing the correction treatment plans. However, when a user chooses Invisalign, the treatment plan may or may not involve the dentist, depending entirely on the user’s requirement/ case. For instance, if you choose their treatment, your dentist will first and fore-mostly take pictures of your teeth and pass them off to a technician in Invisalign to customise a treatment plan. Later, your hometown dentist can check on the treatment plan based on your requirement or simply leave it as it is. However, the situation is completely opposite when working with Byte. Once you have sent your impression to the company, Byte assigns an experienced and licensed dentist to formulate a treatment plan for you. Also, during the entire treatment plan, you will have the support or guidance of your assigned dentist to help make the treatment successful. There will be no middlemen or technicians at all. And this is exactly why Byte has earned the respect and success in the market against all its competitors.

Byte and Candid

A little more established than Byte, Candid was founded in 2017 and has several retail stores across the country to help their users scan their teeth for free, and diminish the need to purchase a home-teeth impression kit for analysis. Moreover, the company guarantees their users orthodontist overseen plans for treating the misalignment along with Remote Monitoring services. But what again helps Byte overshadow Candid’s treatment plans is its quick treatment time. Candid offers an average treatment time that is almost twice as that offered by Byte, at a comparatively higher cost of $2400.

Byte and Smile Direct club

With hundreds of local retail shops spread all across the country, Smile shines brightly in the market with its huge number of followers. The company has treated more than 75,000 patients all across the country and is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most experienced companies in the country.