Candid Review – How Good Is Candid For You?

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Peri Elgrot

Invisible Braces Editor


– Affordable compared to traditional and other in-person treatment methods
– Offers flexible payment choices
– Straight and transparent advise about your eligibility and risks
– Allows you to choose either fully remote treatment method (remote diagnosis and assessment) or a mixed treatment method (in-person diagnosis followed by remote follow-ups).
– All offered treatments are planned and closely administered by registered orthodontists.


– A little more costly than its market competitors like Byte and SmileDirectClub.
– There are just 10 studios across the country that offer in-person care.
– The at-home impression kit is a little complicated.

Your smile is the reflection of your personality. But if you are hiding your beautiful smile due to your crooked teeth, Stop! Today, there are teeth straightening treatment methods that you can choose to realign your teeth and correct your smile. Candid is one such popular brand that offers teeth aligners and retainers to their users. But, does the company really stand upto its promises? Let’s have a look at their pros and cons, their treatment method and a comparison between them and their market competitors.

About Candid

Teeth straightening treatments are one of the most trending cosmetic treatment methods today. They are expensive, time consuming and a little uncomfortable for the patient. They cost you somewhere between $4000 and $7000 and are usually not included in insurance policies by most companies. Regular dentist consultations, braces, follow-ups, tools and treatment duration (usually 1 or 2 years), all sum up to this high treatment cost.


Candid is comparatively a little less daunting than the traditional treatment methods. You receive custom-designed aligners that can treat mild to moderate dental conditions such as spacing, protrusion or crowding. The treatment takes almost 5 to 8 months and you get perfectly symmetrical and properly aligned teeth for a beautiful smile.


Based on our research and results that gathered, Candid proves to be a good option for anyone with mild to moderate teeth condition. Candid offers you an acceptable method for obtaining an accurate 3D model of your teeth either by visiting their studio or remotely from your home.


Candid stands out from its cheaper competitors by hiring only registered orthodontists and not regular dentists for designing your treatment plan. They are user-friendly and make sure to help you out whenever you need their help of advice regarding your treatment. They also offer flexible payment options and good packaging material that definitely gives them a higher stance than the others.



How Candid Works?

Candid was established by a group of orthodontists and entrepreneurs who wanted to design a unique kind of teeth alignment treatment that was not as expensive as the traditional treatment methods but also offered the same results.


Candid mostly works like the traditional aligners such as Invisalign or other invisible braces. The treatment method uses hard plastic trays that apply steady but gentle pressure on your teeth to push them and realign them for better symmetry. These plastic aligners are strong, BPA free thermoplastic and transparent. For the optimal results, you need to wear them for a minimum 18 to 20 hours a day for achieving the desired effect.


The complete treatment plan usually includes 5 to 12 trays that you need to wear in a specific sequence, as advised by your provider. On an average, you will wear each of these trays for approximately 10 -14 days and only then move to the next aligner. The average treatment period is almost between 4 to 10 months, depending on the complexity of your case. However, it usually takes about 6 months for simple realignment cases.



With their years of experience, Candid has added a number of services to their package for customising the treatment for their patients. For instance, you can simply choose their in-person visit to any of their 10 Candid studios instead of their starter kit.
Also, what’s more interesting is the fact that despite of their linear rates, Candid offers specially tailored plans to all their patients. The aligner trays are customised by registered orthodontists who are rightly qualified and trained to treat such dental problems in patients. Candid earns more points than all its competitors for working hand-in-hand with orthodontists instead of just dentists who have no specialization in treating such teeth straightening problems.


Let’s have a look at the complete Candid treatment procedure for a better understanding. Here is what the company offers:


– Clear Aligner Treatment
– Starter Kit
– Retainers


The Candid Treatment

The Clear Aligner Treatment is the main teeth realignment product offered by Candid and it costs you a whopping $2400. The treatment method can fix mostly all mild to moderate dental malocclusion, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, bite problems and protruding teeth.

The complete treatment procedure includes:


– Starter kit
– Clear aligners
– Teeth whitening foam
– A set of retainers (to be used after completion of treatment)
– Treatment plan (custom designed by registered orthodontist)
– Access to the remote monitoring of your treatment that is supervised by the same orthodontist until the end of your treatment.


The main idea behind offering you this complete package is that you need not buy anything else for your teeth until you get the promised results. Apart from everything offered in the package, you will just need to buy retainers once in every six months after completion of the treatment.


Like all other aligners available in the market, Candid aligners can correct only mild to moderate dental imperfections and malocclusion of teeth. So, if you have severe bite issues (crossbite, underbite and overbite) and teeth crowding, you will definitely need to get the help of dentists to remove a couple of teeth and use traditional braces to realign and stabilize your jaw. As a result, Candid begins its teeth realignment process by initially reviewing your impressions and pictures as produced using your starter kit. Based on the review, experts at Candid will determine whether you are eligible or not for the Candid treatment. If you are not a good candidate, the company will refund you completely (also for the starter kit). On an average, there are almost 12 trays in every Candid treatment plan (depending on the severity of your teeth conditions) and it usually lasts for 6 months.



The Candid treatment process includes 3 main steps:


– Stage 1: Taking impression  Getting professional review Devising your plan
– Stage 2: Following the devised plan and wearing your aligners
– Stage 3: Wearing the retainers regularly at night

The Starter Kit


Candid provides a starter kit to all their customers for designing a complete treatment plan as well as customising aligners. They require a 3D impression of your teeth which can be obtained through:

1. Visiting the Candid Studio
2. Buy the starter kit and make your own 3D impression at home.


The starter kit is an included part of the aligner treatment plan. However you can also buy it separately from the company for just $95. Candid also has 10 studios across the country, all located in big cities across the eastern and western coast. So, if you do not have a Candid Studio near you, you can simply order the starter kit separately from the company itself. The kit includes:


• Cheek stretcher
• 3 trays for taking the impression of your upper teeth
• 2 trays for taking the impression of your lower teeth
• 6 groups of hardening putty
• 1 wooden poker tool
• 1 prepaid return box
• Instruction manual for guidance.


After you have successfully taken your pictures and dental impressions, send them to Candid where they will be studied and analysed by their team of orthodontists. If you are considered an eligible candidate for the treatment plan, one of the orthodontists’ working at Candid will plan your customised treatment plan. It is only after you receive the plan that you need to choose whether you wish to continue with the treatment or leave it. Until this point, you have no obligation towards the company.
What we suggest: Before you purchase the treatment, check the available discounts if any, on Clear Alignment Treatment or before choosing their starter kit. You can take advantages of the available sales if you purchase the complete treatment plan which is otherwise not an available option for you if you are buying a starter kit. This can help you save hundreds of dollars, depending mostly on the sale. Also, if you are not eligible for the treatment according to the orthodontist’s assessment, your money will be refunded.


Hence, if you are looking for dental treatments to realign your teeth or treat the minor imperfections, we suggest you explore Candid’s full treatment plans.





Once your treatment plan is finished, Candid offers you Retainers to help keep your realigned teeth in their new position. These retainers are identical in shape to the last aligning tray and are also made from the same material.


Like all other clear aligner treatment programs, you need to keep on wearing your retainers at night for an aforementioned time period. These retainers stop your realigned teeth from shifting back to their old position after the treatment method. Each retainer is designed to last for at least 6 months and cost $99 each.


Candid also sells retainers to their previous clients who have finished their treatment. These retainers come with a feasible retainer carrying case and a small teeth whitening foam bottle.

Candid – What You Must Know

Making your Dental impression using the Putty

You receive the hardening putty in its inactive form. This inactive putty is divided into 2, a grey putty and a deep blue putty. In order to activate the putty, you must blend these two thoroughly. You will get 1 minute before this putty again begins to harden. Based on our experience, 1 minute is enough time to place it in the tray and then put it neatly inside your mouth. Make sure that you keep the tray carefully in your mouth and it touches all your teeth (also the molars). Keep the tray fixed in your mouth for almost three and a half minutes to take perfect impressions of your teeth and then slowly remove it.

Candid also offers you an instruction video and a manual describing about the common mistakes that people usually make while taking their impression. Candid also offers you an additional tray for your upper teeth, mostly for a trial basis. In order to get the perfect aligners for your teeth, you will need to send them 2 impressions of each row.

Taking Perfect Pictures

Taking good pictures of your teeth is a tricky task. You can use the cheek stretcher to click good pictures of your teeth using the camera of your normal mobile phone in its selfie mode. Although, later you will need better cameras with higher resolution with a flash to click the inside images of your oral cavity. You can also use a mirror or take aid of a helper to make sure the images are perfect. You need to upload these images to Candid’s Member’s Portal.

In case you are not comfortable doing all this by yourself, you can always take an appointment and visit a nearby Candid Studio that are neatly decorated to ensure your safety and comfort. A dental technician will take these pictures and also create a 3D impression of your teeth. This is a completely pain-free and non-invasive procedure making it unnecessary to use any medications or anesthetics. All you need to do is just go through a professional dental cleaning procedure in the previous 6 months.

Candid’s Member’s Portal

In case you are not comfortable doing all this by yourself, you can always take an appointment and visit a nearby Candid Studio that are neatly decorated to ensure your safety and comfort. A dental technician will take these pictures and also create a 3D impression of your teeth. This is a completely pain-free and non-invasive procedure making it unnecessary to use any medications or anesthetics. All you need to do is just go through a professional dental cleaning procedure in the previous 6 months.


Once you have gone through the treatment, you need to start wearing your retainers. In fact, your last aligner works as the first set of retainers for you. Almost 2 weeks after you wear your retainers, orthodontists at Candid will consider your treatment as complete. During this stage, you simply need to wear your retainers at night while you sleep.

Every set of retainer lasts for a time period of 6 months. After this initial phase, it gets extremely difficult to keep the retainers clean. Candid offers you new retainers at the mere cost of $99. And to make sure that you get the best results from the treatment, Candid insists you to wear the retainers at night for as long as you can.

Candid and Insurance

Candid surely offers you great teeth realignment treatment plans, but it also allows costs you a good fortune. But, you can also claim for a 50% refund on the total cost of the treatment depending largely on your insurance plan and company. Candid is rightly eligible for the FSA and HSA payments. They also provide their users with a few exceptional payment plans that require you to purchase the complete treatment. You can make an initial payment of $399 as a down payment, followed by regular monthly installments of just $99. This payment option is managed by Amazon Affirm and requires prior consent.


New Smile in 3 Simple Steps

Candid Vs Other Top Market Brands

Candid is undoubtedly one of the top invisible aligner brands available in the market. Although, there are a number of other brands that surely give Candid a good competition. Here is a small comparison between Candid and the other top invisible aligner brands.

Candid Vs AlignerCo

Candid was designed with the motto of treating minor teeth imperfections and achieving good results with the help of its association with orthodontists. So, while Candid worked with a panel of orthodontists, AlignerCo on the other hand works with a team that includes both, orthodontists and dentists.

Also, AlignerCo requires you to send images of your teeth to your dentist once in a two weeks for genuine feedback about the treatment and its progress. Candid surely took this a step ahead by offering remote monitoring services by offering you specialized tools to take intraoral pictures of your teeth and mouth, once in every 7 to 10 days. This helps you get a regular evaluation of the treatment plan, thus also speeding up the treatment if needed.

Candid Vs Invisalign

Candid and Invisalign are both famous and successful clear aligner brands in the market. However, they both have differences that makes them ideal for their users. For instance, Candid clear aligners help their patients to spend almost 65% less money than that spend on Invisalign.

Candid is an at-home treatment procedure where you take impressions of your teeth and send them to the Candid team who will later custom design your aligners and deliver at home. With Invisalign, your treatment is completely monitored by an orthodontist through scans and in-office appointments. Also, Candid works faster than Invisalign but it only helps in treating minor conditions while Invisalign helps in correcting even major misalignments.

Bottom Line – Is Candid Right For You?

Yes, if you are looking for teeth aligners to correct just basic dental alignment problems, Candid is a very good choice. They offer affordable, high quality and quick teeth realignment treatment plans for simple to medium teeth malocclusion conditions. What makes Candid a great choice for you is the fact that they are associated to certified orthodontists and not just regular dentists to design and plan your treatment. Also, Candid offers flexible payment options that makes it easy to avail for all. They have excellent packaging and use only high quality materials for their aligners. All-in-all, it is a great choice for simple teeth alignment problems.


New Smile in 3 Simple Steps