Candid Review


Candid Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Invisible Braces Editor


  • Quick and Effective
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Both, day and at-night treatment plans


  • No Scanning services
  • A comparatively new company
  • Locations are only in major metropolitan areas

What Do People Say About Candid?

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As a teenager, I was always bothered about the gap between my front teeth. And to avoid people from noticing the gap, I would just shut myself away in my room and not go out much. I would avoid smiling or laughing openly with my friends and would constantly avoid events and gatherings. And this affected my mental health and balance. In order to help me, my mother connected me with Candid helped me get their starter kit. Soon I got my first aligner, followed by the next one. And after almost 7 months, the gap between my teeth is gone. I can now smile with confidence and never worry about my teeth. The entire process was simple and easy. Even their customer service was great and they helped answer all my questions during the treatment phase.

Sarabeth Holland – Candid
Nashville, Tennessee
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I had braces earlier to correct the teeth protrusion in my front teeth but I had to unfortunately stop the treatment due to a new job opportunity. This didn’t allow me to get the right teeth alignment at that time. And this is why I had to look for a good teeth alignment service that could correct the protrusion. After a small research I finally chose Candid for their services, treatment plan and also because they associate directly with orthodontists for all their users. They have a great customer service team that really helped clear all my doubts and questions throughout the procedure. It took me 5 months to correct the imperfections and now I just have to wear the retainers at night for just 8 hours to help keep the alignment in position.

Shane Reeves – Candid
Cranston, Rhode Island
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Before I went ahead with Candid, I had already checked the other invisible aligner brands available in the market. In fact, I also checked with Invisalign but it didn’t work out due to my gum recession. But, after I shared my impression with the Candid, their orthodontists considered me as an eligible candidate for their treatment plans. I was really impressed with their treatment plan and also connected with their orthodontists about my concerns with the result. One thing I really loved about Candid is that they allow their users to contact them and discuss their concerns with the panel of certified orthodontists associated with Candid. I finished my treatment plan a month ago and now I simply need to wear the retainers to ensure that my teeth don’t shift back to the old position.

Whitney Spencer – Candid
Tacoma, Washington