With the power to transform your smile, home aligners are one of the most revolutionary dental treatment plans we have come across in the fast evolving world. Correcting your smile and treating your dental problems such as crowding, gaps, and mothers, has always been the work of an professional orthodontist using the traditional metal braces or Invisalign. But with the changing times, dental treatment plans have also changed or rather evolved for the best. The invisible, home-aligners are most convenient, effective and also affordable for everyone who wishes to correct their smile and have a beautiful set of teeth.

SmileDirectClub is one of those very first companies who stepped into the industry of home aligners. And ever since their establishment in 2014, Smile has helped innumerable people correct their dental problems and also enjoy whiter, straighter and perfect set of teeth. Here in this review, let’s understand and learn about every small and important feature offered by Smile to their users.

SmileDirectClub Review

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Peri Elgrot

Invisible Braces Editor


  • Experienced
  • SmileShops
  • Quick and Effective
  • Guaranteed Finance solutions
  • Both, day and nighttime only treatment plans


  • Mixed track record
  • Not guided by orthodontists
  • Charges additional fee for retainers

What is SmileDirectClub?

SmileDirectClub is an online teeth aligner company that provides you with good quality, affordable and effective teeth aligners.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Smile offers clear teeth aligners that look as well as feel almost similar to the conventional invisaligns. These aligners are designed with great precision to fit every nook and contour of your teeth, thus helping you realign your teeth perfectly from the comfort of your home. Although they are similar to the metal braces, you still don’t require to visit your dentist’s office even once. Instead, the licensed dentists at SmileDirectClub develop a customised treatment plan for you and ship your aligners to your doorstep.

However, what you need to understand here is that SmileDirectClub is a specifically cosmetic treatment providing company. So, their teeth aligners are designed to treat only the mild and moderate dental conditions such as crowding, spacing or other small tissue bite problems. If you have severe misalignment issues, then you will require proper in-office treatments and braces that will require regular check-ups and other procedures.

Cost-wise, Smile offers dental treatment plans are affordable and cost much lesser than the conventional orthodontic treatments. SmileDirectClub costs you only $1950 for its basic teeth alignment treatment which is interestingly very much less than the in-office treatment costs. With Smile, you will save heavily by not having to pay a regular dentist’s fee and other administrative fees for the services offered by them.

What makes Smile special is the fact that it was the first ever company that pioneered home based aligners in a large scale and offered them to their customers across the country. Previous to them, only a couple of dentists offered customised clear aligners to their users across the country through posts/mails. However, it was due to their restricted outreach, not many people knew about them. Thanks to Smile and other aligner companies, today there are millions of patients across the country who are using these invisible or clear aligners to correct their smiles and teeth.

Looking at Smile’s success, many other companies have come up with clear aligner solutions in the market. Byte, Candid, AlignerCo and NewSmile are some of the top teeth aligners in the market that have gained success in the field for their own unique features. But despite of this huge competition, SmileDirectClub stands tall as the most experienced and biggest brand offering home-aligners.

Also, SmileDirectClub has retail stores across USA that offers teeth scanning services to help people understand whether or not they are eligible of the alignment treatment. Smile has over hundreds’ of SmileShops where you can just walk-in and get your teeth scanned. In simple words, you don’t need to buy an impression kit at all if you have a SmileShop close-by.



Getting Started with Smile

How to start with Smile aligners? SmileDirectClub offers you the best re-alignment treatments for your teeth. However, before you choose their services, you will need to order their special impression kit to get a 3D impression of your teeth. Or you can always walk into the nearest SmileShop for a perfect analysis. However, if you choose the impression kit, you will need to send your impression to the SmileDirectClub dentists for evaluation and only then confirm whether or not you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Based upon this evaluation, the dentists at Smile will develop a customised treatment plan for correcting your teeth which will only be followed after you give them your permission. Smile will design and mail your aligners to you, thus starting the re-alignment procedure. According to the experts at smileDirectClub, you will need to wear these aligners for a minimum 22 hours in a day for a period of 4 to 6 months. You can also choose their smile Night-time aligners that need to be worn every night for 10 hours for a long period of 10 months to achieve the desired result.

However, what you need to understand here is that Smile is not the perfect dental solution for everyone. You need to make sure that you are a good candidate for the treatment method. These procedures are ideal for candidates who require only minimal to moderate re-alignment treatment procedures such as bite problems, spacing and crowding of teeth in the palate. With their extensively researched treatment plans and procedures, SmileDirectClub guarantees you and impressive transformation in a lesser time span than the invisaligns or the metal braces.

SmileDirectClub is particularly designed and developed to provide all their users quick treatments in warmth and convenience of their home, offering better financial freedom and flexibility compared to the previous traditional methods. Read in detail about SmileDirectClub, their pros, cons and the comparative study between Smile and a few of the top market competitors.

Pros and Cons

The first and foremost home-aligner company in the market, smile has already created a reputation for itself in the market against its competitors. However, not every brand is perfect which hence leaves a little place for improvement in the company. Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of smileDirectClub that we came across.


  • Experienced: Being the pioneering company, SmileDirectClub has been the most experienced home-aligner company in the market and has had the opportunity to treat the highest number of patients across the country than the combined numbers of all their competitors.
  • SmileShops: As a part of their expansion, SmileDirectClub opened more than 300 smileShops across the continent only to help their customers get a free scan of their teeth and thus determine, whether or not they are the ideal candidates for the home-aligner procedures. This is a comparatively much faster treatment method where you get the answer to the analysis instantly instead of the conventional impression kit method which is a much slower process.
  • Guaranteed Finances: Apart from Byte and AlignerCo, SmileDirectClub is the only home aligner company that offers its patients a guaranteed finance solutions for 24 months which do not include your credit score check.
  • Nighttime Only Treatment: SmileDirectClub is the only other company in the market apart from Byte that offers you an exclusive Nighttime-Only Treatment. So, if you are a professional who cannot choose the day-time treatment plan, you can always choose their alternative nighttime-only plan which requires you to wear your home aligners for at least 10 hours every night for 10 months.


  • Mixed Track Record: Despite of being the most experienced home aligner company in the market, SmileDirectClub struggles to have an impeccable track record. In fact, the company has a mixed record from their customers owing to their problematic customer services. There are a series of online reviews that have warned readers about the delayed shipping issues and an irregular communication between users and the company during the course of the treatment.
  • Not Guided by Orthodontists: SmileDirectClub offers treatment plans that are not always based on the guidance of an orthodontist. Hence, it is not guaranteed whether you will receive the best results or not from your treatment plan.
  • Additional Fee for retainers: The company charges its users an additional $99 as a fee for their post treatment retainers unlike their competitors such as Byte and candid that offer the same service without any charges to their customers.


SmileDirectClub is one of the top home aligner companies which already has a strong footing in the market for its services, years of experience and treatment plans. The brand has proved itself over the years with its amicable features thus making it an ideal choice amongst customers across the country. So here are our thoughts on the features offered by SmileDirectClub to their users.

  • Effectiveness

Home teeth alignment is a big time investment which is expensive. Also, not all companies offer treatment plans that are covered by the health insurance companies. As a result, you will need to choose the best provider who will guarantee you the desired results.

SmileDirectClub is one of the very few home aligner companies that offer you effective results for all simple to moderate teeth alignment issues. However, we suggest that you evaluate and compare the offers and results provided by all the top home-aligner companies. After all, the company you choose will affect the outcome of the treatment on your smile. When you go through the customer reviews of SmileDirectClub, you will come across many happy reviews and terms such as “impressive”, “satisfied” and “great” that are repeated almost continuously. However, there surely are a few reviews of unhappy customers who didn’t achieve the expected results as promised to them. During our research for writing this review, we came across many customers who had mentioned how the company had failed to achieve the promised results or how their competitors won the title in many different ways than one.

For instance, Smile assures you that your treatment plan will be designed and developed by a dental professional, not compulsorily an orthodontist. So, when you order and send your impression to Smile, your dental treatment plan will be designed and planned by a technician who is trained to use a 3D modelling software. This plan is then reviewed and approved by a licensed dentist.

Does it sound good? Well, it’s good thing that your treatment plan is checked and approved by a dentist. But on the other hand, the treatment plan is not checked by an orthodontist, a professional who is specially trained to treat dental misalignments.

Comparatively, Byte and Candid, the biggest competitors of SmileDirectClub in the market has a team of professional orthodontists who check and approve all your treatment plans, right from the start to the end. This is especially helpful because orthodontists are trained for additional 2 years for correcting misalignments in the jaw and teeth. This skill is greatly helpful in assuring the perfect outcome of these treatment plans.

However, what really got our concern is the fact that Align Technology (the developers of Invisalign) won’t be creating the clear aligners for SmileDirectClub. Align Tech has been developing the home aligners for a long time and were also the providers of the software that helped SmileDirectClub model the teeth movements in the scanned impressions. However, unfortunately, the collaboration between the two companies is terminated due to a legal disputes. This has left SmileDirectClub to design and manufacture the aligners themselves. What we fear is that this breakup may affect the services offered by SmileDirectClub or also the quality of the treatment.

Overall, due to the uncertain quality of the aligners and the professional inefficiency, SmileDirectClub has a comparatively lower effect than other competitors.

  • Convenience

Enjoying a beautiful smile is not as easy as it seems! It is not only expensive, but also demands true time commitment from you in order to go through the orthodontic treatment perfectly. This means, you will only have to take time out from your daily routine to make appointments but also meet your orthodontist in his clinic regularly by skipping work. But in the long run, this proves to be a very inconvenient option, especially for professionals working all through the week. Also, the total time taken for the traditional treatment methods is much longer than the home aligner methods.

The total treatment time taken by the traditional methods is usually more than 1 year, while these home aligner treatment plans take just 6 months or a little more to re-align your teeth. Despite the quick treatment plan, the result of these plans is perfect and for eternity.

This is where home aligner companies such as SmileDirectClub comes in. They are not only convenient to purchase but also equally easy to ship the aligners to your doorstep. In short, no more appointments and no more sitting in the waiting area of your orthodontist’s office every month to simply get your teeth aligned perfectly. All you need to do is check whether or not you are eligible for the treatments or not.

Start the process by getting your teeth scanned or by buying an impression kit to get your smile or teeth evaluated. The impression you take of your teeth must include every arch and contour of your teeth so that your aligners are cut and shaped to perfection to provide you the optimal results. You can completely avoid this step by simply stepping into a SmileShop to get your teeth scanned and get evaluated by a professional. SmileDirectClub has opened as many as 300 SmileShops in the past several years all across the country.

Once your impression is received by the SmileDirectClub authorities, you will receive your Smile Plan in the next 72 hours along with a small preview of your post treatment look. If you approve the result you can simply go ahead and order your treatment plan.

For your convenience, SmileDirectClub also offers you a nighttime-only aligner solution if you cannot wear your aligners for 22 hours in a day. The nighttime only aligners are much more flexible and need to be worn for only 10 hours at a stretch at night for 10 long months. This plan is ideal for people who have a busy lifestyle and cannot wear the aligners during the day time. Also, if you a snacker, it will be highly inconvenient to use the aligners in the day time as you will have to remove them frequently while eating meals, snacks, drinks, etc. Hence, it is just more convenient to wear these aligners at night while you sleep.

Also, when you order your aligners, have little patience with their delivery system. Aligners usually take almost 4-6 weeks manufacturation and delivery time. Also, there have been many SmileDirectClub customers who have reported of delayed delivery. So, if you have any important events to manage, make sure that you plan your treatment accordingly and also count these extra delivery days.

  • Costing

Braces or teeth aligners are a part of cosmetic treatment plans as a result of which, they are not included in most dental insurances. And even if they are seldom included, only a small part of the enormous cost is reimbursed by them.

Compared to the traditional invisible home aligners, SmileDirectClub offers its services at a very affordable cost. Thanks to the home alignment technology that has simply made orthodontic treatments easily accessible for a lot of people. These treatment plans cost almost about $2000 which is much less than the services offered by the traditional braces or Invisalign that cost as high as $4,500. Moreover, the additional bonuses offered by SmileDirectClub such as Free Whitening sounds really enticing as well.

Also, if you plan to buy the teeth impression kit for a professional analysis of your teeth, then you will need to pay a meagre amount of $49. However, you can completely avoid this expense if you have a SmileShop near you to get a free scan of your teeth. Additionally, SmileDirectClub also offers you the “Bright on” kit or the teeth whitening kit along with your basic purchase. Using the kit for just 5 minutes a day, for an entire week will give you the whitest teeth ever.

One more place where you have to pay an extra amount while using SmileDirectClub services is for their retainers. Most companies include retainers as a part of their kit. However, this is not the case with SmileDirectClub. You need to pay an additional $99 after your treatment period to buy the retainers. Moreover, you need to change your retainers every 6 months to make sure that your teeth stay in shape forever. Byte and Candid, both offer retainers in their initial cost price as a result of which, you don’t have to pay anything extra after the initial purchase.

  • SmilePay

As discussed earlier, orthodontic treatments are expensive and are usually not included in the insurance plans. However, with the help of SmilePay, a finance solution offered by SmileDirectClub you can pay the treatment fee in monthly instalments of $89 for24 months with an initial down payment of $250. Overall, you will be paying an interest rate just above 20%.

What makes SmilePay interesting is the fact that there are no credit checks or other paperwork needed. All users who eligible for the aligners are automatically considered eligible for this payment mode. Apart from SmileDirectClub, Byte and also AlignerCo, all other companies ask for credit check for paying the treatment.

All-in-all, SmileDirectClub is a comparatively affordable company that is dedicated to transforming smiles of millions of people across the country.

  • Appearance

Going through a teeth alignment treatment for an adult can be more difficult than that for teens and college students. You not only have to wear the visible braces but also spend a large part of your time taking appointments and visiting your orthodontist in his clinic, hence missing a day from your busy schedule. Also, wearing metal braces to interviews, your workplace or a date is not quite an attractive option.  As a result, choosing the clear aligners is the only option you got to correct your teeth and smile.

The SmileDirectClub aligners are transparent and made out of BPA-free plastic. Hey have a matte finishing on the surface and are stain resistant. They are cut precisely at the top to join the gumline perfectly. The plastic gives the aligners a more frosted look compared to Byte’s shiny look. The matte or frosted look gives the aligners a more natural look, something that most users are comfortable with.

The perfect cutting of the aligners at the top only helps the aligner to have a tighter grip on your teeth and apply more force to fasten the teeth alignment procedure. Also, most clear aligners are prone to food and drink stains, as a result of which it is best suggested that you remove your aligners before drinking or eating them. The SmileDirectClub aligners are comparatively more resistant to stains but we still wouldn’t recommend you to drink your favorite red wine or coffee with your aligners in your mouth.

SmileDirectClub offers its users both, daytime and nighttime aligners to simply help you keep up with your alignment plan and not disturb your everyday schedule and work. The Nightime aligners need to be worn for just 10 hours a day for 10 months, preferably when you are sleeping. This is the perfect time for those who are not comfortable in removing their aligners time and again during the day time only to enjoy a proper meal or drink coffee several times in a day.

However, if you think this is a long time, you can always choose Byte’s AtNight aligner option that offers you the best results in just 6 months’ time.

  • Customer Services

Customer services offered by SmileDirectClub is not as per our expectations. They can surely do much better than the services they are offering currently. The company has a huge customer record which include everything from praises to disappointments. In short, SmileDirectClub has received a lot of mixed responses from their customers. There are some who experienced delayed delivery of the aligners while there are also many who were not satisfied due to the slowed communication gap between the company and the users.

One of the most interesting features about SmileDirectClub is their refund policy that surely attained our attention. According to the company, if you have already ordered the impression kit and you also happen to go through their scanning system which determines that you are not a good candidate for the alignment then you can always report about it to the company and receive your refund for the kit.

Also, if you have started your treatment plan and later wish to change your mind regarding SmileDirectClub, you can always cancel your treatment procedure and also receive full refund for your order. In case you are not very impressed with the results after 90 days, your treatment plan will be extended and you will receive free aligner trays for correcting your teeth.


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SmileDirectClub and Other Home aligners

Being the first ever company to offer clear aligners to users in huge numbers, SmileDirectClub has already made a reputation for itself in the market. However, with the various new competitors available in the market, you now have the chance to check other available options and choose the one that suits your requirements best. So, to help you understand and choose the best brands, here is a small comparative study between SmileDirectClub and the other top contenders in the market.

Smile and Byte

Although a new company in the market, Byte has created quite a footing in the market with its affordable cost, quicker results, new technology and absolutely excellent customer services. In short, it has taken home aligners to a completely new level with their high frequency vibration tool that reduces your discomfort and helps your teeth align faster than other methods.

Byte, like Smile also offers you a perfect nighttime only treatment. The treatment plans are all completely approved for finances thus making it easier for everyone to get teeth re-alignment treatments without any difficulty. The only place where Byte lacks behind SmileDitectClub is the SmileShops. Unfortunately, Byte doesn’t have any teeth scanning shops to evaluate your teeth and the needed treatment plan.

SmileDirectClub and Candid

The second most renowned aligner company after SmileDirectClub is Candid. The company is known for working extensively with orthodontists to help their users get straight and white teeth. Just like SmileDirectClub, Candid also has dozens of stores that can help you scan your teeth, check the startup process and evaluate your teeth to understand whether you are an eligible candid or not. However, Candid is much more expensive than SmileDirectClub and costs a whopping $2,400 (inclusive of your retainers and also a remote monitor equipment unit)

Is SmileDirectClub ideal for you?

With their good reputation and their quality of aligners, these home clear aligners by SmileDirectClub are good as your initial choice. However, if you are looking for excellent customer services, proper guidance and good oversight of a professional orthodontist to make sure that your teeth realignment procedure goes smoothly, then we suggest that you have a look at the other competitor brands available in the market.



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