SmileDirectClub Review



Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Invisible Braces Editor


  • Experienced
  • SmileShops
  • Quick and Effective
  • Guaranteed Finance solutions
  • Both, day and nighttime only treatment plans


  • Mixed track record
  • Not guided by orthodontists
  • Charges additional fee for retainers
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What Do People Say About Smile Direct Club?

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Highly Recommendable!

I have had a gap between my first two teeth for as long as I can remember! And that was exactly when my friend suggested Smile invisible braces to correct the gap. Smile’s re-aligning braces worked their magic and it took just about 6 months to close the gap and perfectly re-align my teeth.

The kit is easy to use, perfectly manageable and gave me great results without much bother. I would really like to thank the Smile team for their services and kits for giving me straight, white and shining teeth!

Clarissa James – SmileDirectClub
Atlanta, Georgia
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I went for the 3D teeth scan and was impressed with the SmileShop services. The place was clean and the staff was very good! Even the scan was done quickly. The preview given to me was very helpful and really helped me decide why I should go ahead for the aligners.

Not only that, after I chose SmileDirectClub for their teeth aligners and got my kit, their customer service has been really good in guiding me through the entire procedure. I am using their nightime only aligner for the past 5 months and I can easily feel the changes in my teeth. I can’t wait for the treatment to get over and see the difference in my smile and teeth.

David Jones – SmileDirectClub
Scranton, Pennsylvania