AlignerCo Review


AlignerCo Review

Peri Elgrot editor

Peri Elgrot

Invisible Braces Editor


  • The most affordable teeth aligner brand in the market
  • Made from Essix plastic (one of the best and most respected dental material providers).
  • Also offers you NightOnly treatment for users who cannot wear the aligners during the day time.
  • They have good customer reviews for their services
  • AlignerCo also offers flexible financing plans and doesn’t require credit check for the treatment plans.


  • AlignerCo, unlike SmileDirectClub and Candid doesn’t have physical stores or booths for free dental scans
  • It is not the fastest aligner option available in the market. AlignerCo takes almost 6 to 11 months to help you achieve the desired results
  • They are not very quick in their services. They are comparatively slower than other competitors in preparing your aligners and shipping them to you.

What Do People Say About AlignerCo?

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A wise decision I made after thoroughly after going through their reviews. I did have my doubts regarding their services especially considering their affordable rates, but AlignerCo surely cleared all these doubts with their services and high quality aligners. Not only were the aligners very comfortable and painless, but they also helped realign my teeth perfectly without even the slightest glitch. And the best part was, no one could make out that I was wearing aligners unless they were really close.

Bennett Macias – AlignerCo
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Great Services at the most affordable cost!

There are soo many reasons for why I chose AlignerCo! To start with, they are the least expensive aligner brands in the industry and also offer a night-only aligners which actually attracted me more towards them. The aligners fit perfectly to my teeth and I am sure they will give me the result I am looking for. I have opted for their night-only aligners due to my profession as a chef who has to constantly taste the dishes at the restaurant. I have been into their treatment plan for just about 2 months now but I can already see the difference in the shifting position of my teeth. The aligners are comfortable to wear and cause no pain at all, while also working on repositioning my teeth. So for me, it’s the best for sure!

Jessi Lee – AlignerCo
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I am absolutely delighted by their services. AlignerCo has a great customer service team that helped me out with my doubts with their impression kit. No matter how many questions I had, they patiently helped me out with them. Once the impression was sent and I subscribed to their services, my aligners arrived within a few days that perfectly fit my teeth. I am 3 months into the treatment and result I am experiencing is really great. The gap has reduced considerably and I can’t wait to see when it is completely gone. Although, wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day is a tough thing to do. But at the end of the day, there are no complaints.

Yakhud Hashmi – AlignerCo