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Peri Elgrot

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  • The most affordable teeth aligner brand in the market
  • Made from Essix plastic (one of the best and most respected dental material providers).
  • Also offers you NightOnly treatment for users who cannot wear the aligners during the day time.
  • They have good customer reviews for their services
  • AlignerCo also offers flexible financing plans and doesn’t require credit check for the treatment plans.


  • AlignerCo, unlike SmileDirectClub and Candid doesn’t have physical stores or booths for free dental scans
  • It is not the fastest aligner option available in the market. AlignerCo takes almost 6 to 11 months to help you achieve the desired results
  • They are not very quick in their services. They are comparatively slower than other competitors in preparing your aligners and shipping them to you.

For a long long time, traditional braces was the only solution to transform your smile by treating your crooked teeth. But with the changing time and new technological advances, there are more options today to treat your teeth conditions. And AlignerCo is one of these new brands that offers you at-home invisible aligners to help you transform your Smile. And AlignerCo emerges as a market winner because of one main cause: AlignerCo offers clear aligners at the lowest price as compared to all their market competitors. In this review, we will discuss about every feature that proves AlignerCo is one of the best market leaders for invisible aligners. Read on to know about their pros, cons, features, services, customer reviews and what our experts have to say about them.

About AlignerCo

AlignerCo is one of the many at-home teeth straightening brands available in the market today. It is very similar to Byte, Candid and SmileDirectClub and offers personalized teeth aligner treatment that are mailed to you directly to your doorstep. But as we said, Alignerco sets itself apart from the other brands mostly because of their extremely affordable prices. And despite of their low costs, AlignerCo doesn’t sacrifice with their quality and services.

Like most home aligner brands, AlignerCo can treat mild to moderate teeth alignment issues such as spacing, crowding, overbite, reverse bite, crossbite and overjet. However, if your condition is severe and involves complex teeth or jaw movements then you must definitely choose in-office treatments such as Invisalign or the traditional braces.

AlignerCo – How they Work?

Once you have decided to take help of AlignerCo to correct your smile and teeth, you simply need to take an impression of your teeth using their impression kit. Make sure that you take the best impression of your teeth and send them to the dental team at AlignerCo. The team will analyze and determine if you are an eligible candidate or not for the treatment.

After the analysis, AlignerCo will send you a preview of how your teeth will look after each step of the plan. If you are happy with what you see, you can easily sign up for their services. After your aligners are delivered to you, you need to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours a day! You can remove the aligners only while you are eating your meals, or enjoying your favorite drinks. Gradually, with the help of your aligners, your teeth will shift to the desired position during the course of the treatment period.


Full aligner treatment for only $1,145

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Features of AlignerCo

AlignerCo has achieved great appreciation from its users for its services, treatment plans and definitely for its affordability. Here are a few features about AlignerCo that prove why it is one of the best teeth aligner brands in the market.


Orthodontic treatments are a big investment of both, your precious time and money. Hence, before you choose an invisible aligner company for you, it is important that you confirm about the results of the procedure. AlignerCo is a growing brand and they may not have a huge customer base yet, but they have definitely garnered great respect and appreciation from their users for their services.

Like all other orthodontic aligner brands, even AlignerCo is designed to treat only mild to moderate teeth conditions that mostly include crowding, spacings, crossbites, overbite and underbite cases. The dentists and orthodontists associated with AlignerCo will first evaluate your case and check if you are a good candidate to undergo the treatment or not.

If they consider you as a good candidate for the treatment, AlignerCo will send you a digital preview of how your smile will transform after the treatment. However, the treatment plan is designed by a mixed team of dentists and orthodontists. This only means that you might not have specialized professional orthodontists closely monitoring your case. And in order to get the best result, it is of utmost importance that you get an experienced professional to plan and design your aligners and treatment plan else, you will simply end up with an annoying bite problem that may take more time to treat.

Also, AlignerCo only uses plastic obtained from Raintree Essix, one of the most reputed and successful dental supply companies in the market to make their aligners. This only ensures that you get the best quality aligners for your treatment. And all you need to do is just click high resolution pictures of your teeth at every step of the treatment and send them to the assigned orthodontist or dentist. This will only ensure that your treatment is right on track and hence guarantee the desired result.


Dental treatments, especially aligners and braces are extremely expensive. And what makes the matter worse is the fact that these treatments are not supported by most insurance companies. However, AlignerCo offers you flexible finance options that are really great.

Another major benefit of choosing AlignerCo is that they offer their treatment plans are very affordable compared to the other at-home aligner brands in the market. Also, they offer you their services right to your doorstep which makes them much more reachable than most other brands.

AlignerCo offers their aligners at an unbeatable price of just $1145, making them the most affordable teeth aligner brand in the market. Moreover, they also run promotions occasionally which further reduces the cost.

AlignerCo’s $1145 package includes an impression kit, your first set of aligners and your first set of retainers. There are other brands that sell these retainers separately at a cost of $99. To further make AlignerCo more affordable to their users, the company offers two finance options, namely –

SmileFlex – SmileFlex is the standard plan that includes payments of $110 for 12 months. However, the company performs a small credit check to make sure that you qualify for this plan.

SmileFlexEasy – SmileFlexEasy is the second plan offered by AlignerCo that doesn’t require any credit check. You simply need to pay a down payment of $275 followed by monthly payments of $95 for 11 months.

You will notice that these options are a little more expensive than their one-time payment of $1145. In the end, it is entirely your choice which payment plan you wish to choose for their treatment plan.

User Convenience

Comfort, availability and convenience are three major factors that greatly impact the success of a brand. In today’s time, people hardly have any free time to spare between their obligations for their family, friends and work. Taking time from your busy schedule to visit your dentist or orthodontist simply to correct your smile. Moreover, traditional braces usually take 2 to 3 years to achieve the desired results. But with AlignerCo, you can achieve the results in just around 4 to 6 months’ time.

Moreover, AlignerCo offers you straight at-home services. Right from making your impressions to receiving your aligners and retainers, AlignerCo offers you services right at your doorstep. So, you don’t need to visit any clinics or dentists to know if your treatment is on the right track. Also, you get video chat customer support services to clear all your questions.

Although taking impressions of your teeth in their impression kit is a little complicated, but if you follow their instructions carefully, you can manage it just fine. Once you send your impressions, the mixed team of dentists and orthodontists will take almost 12 to 14 days to provide you with your treatment plan and its preview. If you agree to their plan, your aligners will arrive at your doorstep in another 2-3 days.
The length of the treatment completely depends on the severity of your condition. Complicated cases usually take much longer than the simple cases and can last for almost 6 to 11 months. Also, you will require to wear your aligners for a total of 20 to 22 hours in a day. If you fail to wear your aligners for the suggested hours, your treatment duration will simply get longer.


Wearing traditional braces is a little awkward especially when you have a very active social life or professional life. Moreover, they are very inconvenient and harsh to your inner cheeks and cause abrasions. As a result, a lot of people in the recent times prefer using invisible braces due to their number of advantages.

For instance, clear aligners are made from transparent, high quality BPA-free plastic that almost goes unnoticeable when worn. AlignerCo claims that they have the clearest aligners in the industry and they are certainly not lying about it. Their clear aligners are transparent and it is completely your choice if you like them.

The market offers you smooth, shiny and translucent aligners. There are also some brands that offer you frosted plastic aligners that gives your aligners a more natural appearance. But as stated earlier, it is completely the choice and preference of the user which type of aligner they like for their teeth.

Also, the aligners offered by AlignerCo are trimmed and handcrafted to perfectly match your gum line, making the aligners look more discreet. And this is certainly a good thing!

User Friendly

AlignerCo is a comparatively smaller company than most of their competitors. But, their customer support service is responsive. They give each of their customers due attention and you can see how much their customers have praised them for being quick with their responses.

So whether you have an issue with their impression kit, have questions about their aligners or have doubts about the payment plans, you can email them or use their web chat services to get the answers.

AlignerCo, also has a standard refund and return policy for their customers. The company offers you a refund for their impression kit if you are not considered as an eligible candidate for their treatment. Also, if your treatment result is not what they promised you earlier, you can always ask for a re-evaluation which in most conditions adds more aligners to your previous treatment plan at an extra cost of $200. So, as long as you are wearing your aligners for a good 20 to 22 hours a day, you will definitely achieve the desired results.


Full aligner treatment for only $1,145

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What Do People Say About AlignerCo?

author image

A wise decision I made after thoroughly after going through their reviews. I did have my doubts regarding their services especially considering their affordable rates, but AlignerCo surely cleared all these doubts with their services and high quality aligners. Not only were the aligners very comfortable and painless, but they also helped realign my teeth perfectly without even the slightest glitch. And the best part was, no one could make out that I was wearing aligners unless they were really close.

Bennett Macias – AlignerCo
author image

Great Services at the most affordable cost!

There are soo many reasons for why I chose AlignerCo! To start with, they are the least expensive aligner brands in the industry and also offer a night-only aligners which actually attracted me more towards them. The aligners fit perfectly to my teeth and I am sure they will give me the result I am looking for. I have opted for their night-only aligners due to my profession as a chef who has to constantly taste the dishes at the restaurant. I have been into their treatment plan for just about 2 months now but I can already see the difference in the shifting position of my teeth. The aligners are comfortable to wear and cause no pain at all, while also working on repositioning my teeth. So for me, it’s the best for sure!

Jessi Lee – AlignerCo
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I am absolutely delighted by their services. AlignerCo has a great customer service team that helped me out with my doubts with their impression kit. No matter how many questions I had, they patiently helped me out with them. Once the impression was sent and I subscribed to their services, my aligners arrived within a few days that perfectly fit my teeth. I am 3 months into the treatment and result I am experiencing is really great. The gap has reduced considerably and I can’t wait to see when it is completely gone. Although, wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day is a tough thing to do. But at the end of the day, there are no complaints.

Yakhud Hashmi – AlignerCo

So, is AlignerCo the right choice for you? Well, the answer depends on your requirements. For instance, if you wish to straighten your teeth without making a hole in your pocket then AlignerCo is a good option. AlignerCo offers you the most affordable, high quality profoessional clear aligners in the market. But if you want quicker results, then Byte is the answer for you.