Smile With Confidence – 5 Invisible Braces Brands To Correct Your Teeth at Home


5 Invisible Braces

Feb 8, 2022 | Invisible Braces

Smile With Confidence – 5 Invisible Braces Brands To Correct Your Teeth at Home

Peri Elgrot

Top 10 Invisible Braces Editor

Correct your smile in just six months’ time without a single visit to your orthodontist!

Well, that is exactly what some of the top companies in the invisible braces industry are promising their customers today. But is the claim true or is it just another advertising scheme to attract customers and boost your sales?

Beautiful white and straight teeth is something that not everyone is blessed with. And even if you are born with crooked teeth, it doesn’t make you any bit abnormal. But at the end of the day, everyone wishes to look picture perfect in the mirror, right from your smile, hair or even skin. And this is one of the main reasons why the cosmetic industry has multiplied in the past couple of years in terms of beauty and remedial treatments, including invisible braces.

Invisible braces, in the past couple of years has proved to be a boon for many people by correcting their crooked teeth in the shortest time period. And this is one of the main reasons why a higher percentage of the population is relying on these custom-designed aligners instead of the traditional orthodontic treatment methods. But what you really need to understand here is the fact that while these invisible braces have worked wonders for some, it may not necessarily be the right choice for many others. But why?

Well, let’s just take a closer look at the entire concept of invisible braces and the top 5 brands offering these services to you. In this short guide, you can get to learn everything you wish to know about invisible braces and also understand the fact whether you are a good candidate for the same or not.

Invisible braces – What are they?

“Invisible braces” are also widely known as “Clear Aligners”. In fact, a lot of people also call them as Invisalign which is also one of the top brands in the industry offering invisible braces to their customers.

Like the traditional metal braces, invisible braces help align and straighten your teeth and sort your orthodontic problems such as bite problems, crooked teeth, and more. The only difference between these invisible braces and the traditional metal braces is that these braces, as their name suggests are invisible, removable and made out of plastic. So, you can simply wear them all through the day and remove them when needed. For instance, while brushing your teeth and eating your favourite food without cutting the insides of your cheek, something that every individual who has worn metal braces will understand.

What further interests about these invisible braces is the fact that they are designed on the basis of your dental impression that is mailed directly to the dentists/ orthodontist for analysis. All you need to do is just order an impression kit and make a perfect impression of your teeth as instructed for the orthodontist to analyse whether or not you are a good candidate for the aligners.

Now that you know the basics about clear aligners, let’s understand the industry and the top brands that offer you the best invisible braces and results. Here are 5 brands that offer you clear aligners to correct your teeth without having to visit a dentist even once.



Treatment Cost: $83 per month for just 24 months or $1,895

Treatment period: Average time is 5 months. However, if you chose the Hyperbyte method (that uses the vibrational frequency tool) to help push your teeth in line faster, the process will take just around 3 months.

Finance/ Insurance: Certain eligible dental insurances, CareCredit, HSA and FSA.

Method: Buy an impression kit to create an impression of your teeth and send it to the Byte orthodontists for analysis to check whether you are a suitable candidate or not for the treatment. If you are deemed as a suitable candidate, your invisible aligners will be posted to you directly to your doorsteps. The impression kit is fully refundable, especially of you are not considered suitable for the treatment.


Treatment Cost: $89 per month for just 24 months or $1,950

Treatment period: Between 6 to 18 months

Finance/ Insurance: CareCredit, HSA, and FSA

Method: Visit their SmileShop for a 3D teeth analysis or simply order their impression kit to make a perfect impression and mail it back to the company for a proper analysis.


Treatment Cost: $88 per month for just 24 months or $1,900

Treatment period: Between 6 to 11 months

Finance/ Insurance: FSA, HSA and any other insurances that offer orthodontic benefit to their customers along with the remote treatment code – D8040.

Method: Buy a starter kit for $95 to take your own impression for a thorough analysis by their orthodontists. The kit is completely refundable, especially if the orthodontists decide that you are not a good candidate for these invisible braces. Apart from the kit, you can also visit their Candid Studio for finding the perfect fit aligners for your teeth.


Treatment Cost: $180 per month for just 12 months or $1890. Also includes other additional costs such as evaluation and retainers that are needed after the treatment procedure.

Treatment period: An average 5 months

Finance/ Insurance: Not all insurance companies offer orthodontic treatment coverage. So, it is best if you confirm with your insurance company.

Method: Buy an impression kit to take your impression at home and send it back to the orthodontists at Easysmile for analysis. IF your impression is approved, your clear aligners will be mailed directly to you.


Treatment Cost: Depends on the case: For simple cases – $88 per month for only 24 months or $1,900; For difficult cases – $122 per month for just 24 months or $2,600.

Treatment period: Between 6 to 10 months

Finance/ Insurance: Most dental insurances, HSA and FSA.

Method: Visit a Dandy shop to meet a dentist and get a perfect 3D analysis of your teeth. If you are a good candidate, your aligners will be mailed to you in just a couple of weeks. You can get every detail and information needed using the Dandy app.



Invisalign – How is it different?

Each of these above mentioned brands offer you clear braces without having to visit an orthodontist at all. However, Invisalign is not a company that offers company-to-direct-consumer services. Instead with Invisalign, you will have to go through the basic procedures without fail. For instance, you will have to visit an orthodontist at regular intervals to make sure that your treatment is perfectly on its planned route. So, if you are looking for treatment methods that are completely finished at home, Invisalign doesn’t seem to be the right choice for you. But, there are definitely certain advantages of choosing Invisalign against all other brands. For instance, you get to meet your orthodontist regularly and also ensure whether your treatment is on track. Your orthodontist will also get the chance to check if there are any new problems caused due to the aligners such as gum erosion, gaping, bleeding, etc.

Who is eligible for clear aligners?

Eligibility is a major criteria for clear aligners. Not everyone with crooked teeth is eligible for clear aligners. Only the basic conditions such as overbite, open bite cross-bite, under-bite, crowded teeth and small gaps can be treated with clear aligners.

However, if you have major conditions such as wider gaps (bigger than 2 millimeters) or any of the following, then you will need the help of an orthodontist with regular visits and traditional braces. Some of the other conditions where teeth aligners cannot help you are:

  • Intrusion: Invisible braces cannot help if you have a tooth that is jammed wrongly inside your jawbone.
  • Extrusion: Invisible braces cannot help if you have a tooth that is taller than all other teeth.
  • Tooth rotation: Invisible braces cannot correct a teeth that has rotated from its original position due to teeth crowding.
  • Midline movement: In case your teeth are not aligned in line as per the imaginary center that divides your face equally, then invisible braces cannot help correct your teeth. This is more difficult if the gap is more than 2 millimeters.
  • Misshapen teeth: Invisible braces cannot fix your teeth if you have rounded, pegged or pointed teeth as invisible aligners will not be able to fit perfectly on them.


So, whether or not you have any of these conditions, it is always wise to get help from an orthodontist or a professional before you start with your treatment. This will only ensure that you get the best treatment and result for your teeth. There may be cases where certain conditions can get aggravated by wearing clear aligners which can only be checked by a professional during an in-person meeting. For example, your jawbone, gum tissues or your oral infections can get worse by wearing clear aligners. So if you are looking into long term straight, white and perfectly aligned teeth, make sure that you visit your orthodontist and get their true advice. If you are good, you can always start with the recommended invisible aligner treatment or simply go for a traditional method to enjoy a beautiful smile and straight teeth.